Since 2001, our company deals with manufacturing of plastic body parts and improving the basis of individual needs.
Elements of street cars, while improving produce optical components for overclocking.
From 2005 we started racing in the manufacture of highly stressed body parts.
Kevlar and carbon fiber materials, which have now become our main activities.
Motor vehicles, motorcycles and repair welding of plastic components.
Our activities also include a full body repair, modification request is well-equipped workshop and performance of buildings and general metalwork.
Accept the concept of individual gates, fence, railing manufacture, wrought iron or stainless steel finish.

Canopy, metal-structured buildings and structures create a guarantee corporation and sizes tailored to the unique needs and prepare a security gate - door, window - a free site survey, quotation making of, professional advice.

Ongoing discounts, promotions and look forward to renewed and upgraded my customers old and new workshop in addition to the usual high quality and brand name.
Postal courier account using our service, ordered products will quickly arrive at the customer safely and on time.

Sebacar waiting for your order, get to know your professional work, fall within the scope of our satisfied customers!


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